Tai Qi

Tai Qi by Uwe Mädger

Our cosm follows specific patterns, just like our body (energy gates), our spirit and our soul. The patterns were picked up by ancient cultures and were, for example, choreographed into this Tai Qi form. The shortened form of Chen Man Ching (60 frames) shown below, has the essence of using Movement (Tai) to get the Qi (Energy, Matter, Information) to flow. 8 min. practice daily is enough for a recovery through Tai Qi, according to the originator of this shortened form. During further development, we leave the frames into free movement, lead by the Qi.

Initiated by the diverse teachers I have worked with on my path, I am able to focus on the different people that come to me and offer a concept-free lesson from a Yin level. It is an instruction for self-healing.

Tai Qi usually through private coaching
tensive subject-specific Workshop every 3 Monate to experience the form
All levels of knowledge are welcome to internalize and implement the principles of the form.


The form can be sectioned into 3 parts:
A Frame 1 to 20:
Bring the body into a practicable, stable form – we learn to securely stand on one leg, using the movements of the hands to recieve all encounters.
B Frame 21 to 38:
assume oneself with an inner smile, and see the purity. We look within and feel the Qi, which we learn to push using our movements.
C Frame 39 to 60:
to feel the vastness of the space surrounding us and our connection to nature – it is the part that lets us grow, beyond our limitations, by connecting to the environment surrounding us.
Photo: Roland Peuthert

Everyone can decide for themselves how long, intense, how much and how impulsive or soft they want to practice. The direction or type of support is up to each individual as well –  at some point the path should develop a goal.

Since the teachings on the Dao (spiritual path) can not be compensated with materialistic values, I do not charge for the instruction of the practice, following the Tradition. A donation is kindly requested to balance the costs of the lessons.
































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