Class on Wednesday at 6.45 – 8 pm – postponed after Corona times
Qi Gong of Dao

Qi Gong ist an easy motion sequence for all age groups. We aim to reach a consistent flow of energy throughout the body and open all energy channels. This way the subtle Qi can travel through the 12 energy gates softly and unhindered. During the Qi Gong course  we will emphasize on training ligaments, joints and tendons. Through the exercises we can strengthen our immune system and our physical and psychic body, as well as work against signs of aging. To complete a class we will visit the quiet Qi Gong through healing notes or an inner smile.

Qi Gong with Thomas Riedel


Qi Gong ist the pillar of traditional medicine. Through healing notes, negatively stored emotions within the organs are dissolved and converted into positive emotions. Through Qi Gong we are able to rid our body and spirit of toxins (Detox). Various techniques channel toxins and mental strains out of our beings. With a simple energy cycle we can support and foster our health and vital energy by rejuvenating our energy reserves.
































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