Evelyn Schäfer * 1955 year of the goat
Meditation and Bodywork
Couples therapy and one-on-one talks concerning Relationships

Bank clerk – Degree in social science and pedagogy – Training for lectureship SII – Training for systematic Therapy – occupational engagement in pedagogical and therapeutic fields of work in youth and family assistance – Management- and project leadership – couples therapy in context of charitable facilities – Training for sexual consultation.

The Beginning
The roots for what I offer in the healing spaces of the Übungsscheune, go back to my youth spent in Bielefeld. A still uncertain longing, led me to indian Yoga and meditation teachers (gurus) that came to Germany. The experience of silence and self-reflection Die Erfahrung der Stille und Selbstbesinnung hat in mir etwas zum Klingen gebracht das ich nie wieder ganz verloren habe. In my further development as a post-68 child, I was very inspired by the autonomous women- and lesbian movements, the peace movement and ecological movement as paths of liberation. We developed our own groups to experience and explore our bodies, relaxation- and movement courses, meditation courses, yoga- and fasting courses, as well as self defence courses. We used our own resources and were supervised and further trained by teachers from outside. Our motives were to gain control over our physical, psychic and spiritual health and to reach as many people as possible on the way.

Direction and Stabilisation
In 2006, first contacts to the buddhist meditation instructor Sylvia Wetzel were formed, who inspired me with the way that she brought together feminism, western philosophy and psychology and buddhism as a path of liberation in her speeches. Seven years of Tara-Ropka-Process (buddhism and psychotherapy), various intensive Meditation retreats from 5-21 days with different teachers deepened my experiences. On my way, I was supported and inspired through buddhist meditation practices (tara meditation and formless meditation), the Tara-Libre-Mandala with local groups and the teachers Sylvia Wetzel, Agnes Pollner, Sabine Hayoz Kalff.

The Übungsscheune
Since resigning from my professional life, new doors opened. With the realization of my own spaces through the Übungsscheune, I can share my experiences and lived practice with others. I offer spaces for one to move, exist in silence, relax body and mind, to meditate, and to maintain and resolve relationships.

Uwe Marlaine Mädger *1955 in the year of the horse
Mediation in couples therapy and and work relations (queer-oriented),
Tai Qi private lessons  – Selfhealing through the short yang-form following Cheng Man-Ching, Geomancy, tree assessment for further information see WWW . GEOMAN . EU
In 1982 I gained the diploma for agricultural science which formed the base for a healthy diet and a ecological lifestyle. From 1983 to 2000 I was the leader of a 10-person garden- and landscaping collective. The beginning of the daily practice started in 1985 with a longing to adjust physical shortcomings. From 1990 forward I trained with Luis Molera ( and since 1996 I am a facilitator of the movement arts in Bremen and since 2011 in Berlin. The practice of Qi Gong since 27 years as well as the teacher training for Tai Qi Chuan by Luis Molera find expression in the ease with which appropriate exercises for every individual are conveyed.
A group tour through China, accompanied by the Qigong master Dr. Tao, allowed the previously separated practices to merge.
During the turn of the year 2004/5, I met the great master Wei Ling Yi ( February 2006 I was authorized by Wei Ling Yi to support people in the practice of the lotus Qigong and lead exercises of the great lotus system. The decision towards the lotus Qigong was grounded by the rapid effect of the exercises, but also by this extraordinary teacher who willingly supports any person on their way. 
1994, beginning of the Vipassana Meditation practice following Adjan Chah, supported by Jack Kornfield and Fred von Almen as well as Ursula Flückinger, which flowed into monthly retreats in 1996 an 1997. 1997 to 2004 the Tara Rokpa Process  a tibetian practice for the recieving of pathos and arrival in the future. Organization of several Daily retreats in the city, during which a group of people meet every day for a week and exchange experiences for example in the practice of compassion. The year of 2014, before the 60th birthday was fulfilled by the training as a mediator by the mediation office Mitte.



Thomas Riedel *1970 in the year of the dog
Healing practitioner of the traditional Chinese Medicine
Qigong following Mantak Chia
In 2008 I completed the subject of communication studies. It was a purely rational decision, to explore the world using curiosity and research. On many levels, this formed an important foundation. My professional development pulled me to a different side and I created a bond with my creative side as a film producer. Later on, induced by a domestic incident, I was intrigued by the healing of body, mind and soul. Since then I am a healing practitioner and absolved  training in Chinese medicine with a focus on acupuncture.  On the physical level I consciously experienced my body through Yoga-exercises. Following this and now for almost 10 years, I practice Qi gong and daoistic exercises from the system universal tao yoga by the great master Mantak Chia. I was always inspired by the way in which asian cultures bring their daily life into unison with their health. I am convinced by their methods over and over again, which offer answers to our western way of life. Parallel to this I was inspired by the Wei Ling Yi. On my journey i was intrigued by the merging of Asian knowledge and the explanation of modern psychology for example by Byron Brown and Joe Dispenza with energy work.  I aim to bring private and professional challenges into harmony with my personal sense of life and that of my patients, clients and participants. 
Sabine Sawatzki   –  Feldenkrais Unterricht

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