Mindful Movements

Movement groups with Evelyn Schäfer for women of every age 

Movement on Monday Morning 10 to 11 Uhr or 10 bis 12 am
Movement on Thursday mainly on the ground 10 to 11.15 am

EvelynwebAll movement exercises are carried out on the basis of mindfulness. We practice simple movements and motion sequences that don´t require special skill. The slow pace enables an intense awareness of our body´s movement capabilities. We search for friendly, gentle ways to loosen blockages and tensions and allow us to feel at home in our bodies.

Slowly circling or flowing movements have a balancing effect on the body and spirit. We open our joints, our heart chamber, our leeway for movement.

Tension positions allow us to feel our boundaries. They stimulate strong energies and sensations. By letting go, obvious relaxation occurs.

Balancing exercises also confront us with difficult situations and foster patience and inner peace through the physical realm – if we don´t overstrain.

Stretching exercises work energising and leave us feeling fresh and awake.

The exercises originate from Yoga, Qigong, Braingym, Body2Brain, Tanztraining, Zapchen Somatics, etc.

We constantly try to focus our attention on the physical experience of the individual exercises, to listen to our body, learn to understand our signals and regard them. Throughout, we are carried by our natural breathing rhythm.

Overall, the exercises loosen our muscles, stimulate blood circulation and promote flexibility. Through this, we can instantaneously experience joy and well-being.


























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