Mediation by Uwe Mädger


Mediation is a special service provided by mediators from various fields of work.  It is characterized by candour for experiences, confidentiality and voluntariness. Mediation allows the parties of a conflict to find a common handling of their conflicts, leads to the clarification of relationships and develops the conflict competence of the mediatees. Mediators act neutral, are free from context responsibility and possess a professional understanding of conflict.

Uwe Mädger, a qualified agriculturist, lead a self-governed organic gardening and landscaping company for 17 years.  His training as a Tai Qi instructor and mediator allows him to mediate couples and groups empathetically out of their conflict. Through his scientific approach, the further understanding of similar work relationships is mediable. Teachings in health oriented Tai Qi for young and elder people allowed him to find ways to mediate between generations and in the neighborhood.

Foto: Roland Peuthert