Diatary advice

Dietary Advice and Detox

by Thomas Riedel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANutrition is a central pillar in  Chinese medicine. It is the preparation vor  treatment through energetic methods such as acupuncture. Everything we eat and drink affects the health of our body. There are plenty of diets but which one is the right choice regarding our body? In the framework of nutrition counselling following the criteria of Chinese medicine, I will assist you in providing your body ideally with nutrients, blood and Qi. Detox is another essential element, to create an optimal metabolism within the body. Special massages detoxify the skin; the biggest organ of excretion. Organ massages and  sounds can stimulate organs to release slag, clarify deposited emotions and be provided with more energy to carry out its functions. To further support the body and metabolism, I also deploy liver or colon detoxes.