Couples therapy by Evelyn Schäfer; Systematic therapist
and Uwe Mädger; Mediator

Through the fundament of our training, we will work to make your relationships come alive again.


Evelyn Schäfer also works in couples therapy together with Rike Schulz.

Individual counseling: Dao – being by Uwe Mädger
The 4 pillars of the „Chinese Horoscope“

Many of us know their animal sign of the Chinese Horoscope, which is derived from the year of birth. This animal sign is also characterized by an element. Deduced from these 5 elemental and 12 animal signs a repetition of the same pair occurs only every 60 years. Characteristics can be further derived from the birth month, the day of birth and the hour of birth, in order to deduce the full potential of a person. Derek Walters and Helen Jones created a simple yet informative compilation of Chinese astrology, suited for the western perspective, which I use to create a tailored potential for every person.

On the 14 of January 2015, the energy of my surroundings repeated itself for the first time – I turned 60.



























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